Remembering A Proud Moment .....

As Remembrance Day approaches this year, I'm reminded of what is one of my proudest moments.

In 2016 I was honoured to work with the Royal British Legion to help raise funds for the Poppy Appeal.

I painted 1,560 individual 'Poppy Paintings'; 520 of each of three painting designs.

Every painting was signed, numbered and framed under glass in a black box frame measuring 25x25x 4.5cm. 

Three large version of these paintings are now hanging as a permanent display at the British Consulate in Manahattan, NYC.  

You can now find a large range of Poppy items available to buy here on my website. The designs are called ‘Poppies’ ‘Flower Pop - Poppies’ and ‘Abstract Poppies’ and make up my Poppies Collection

Sally xx


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